Hello, my name is Lina. I am a Japanese writer.

Lina Tobimatsu
飛松利菜 / とびまつりな

Writer / Translator

Based in London, I am a multifaceted professional with a rich background in writing, translation, and media creation.
My journey began in Kagoshima, where I nurtured my academic roots before moving to Tokyo to attend Waseda University. There, I delved into the world of narrative studies, a field exploring the art and impact of storytelling across various mediums, from literature to everyday conversations. This unique discipline has profoundly influenced my approach to writing, allowing me to understand narrative structures and their effects on audiences.

My world view expanded through extensive travels during my university years, providing me with a global perspective and insights into diverse cultures. This wanderlust also led me to participate in beauty pageants in my final university year, a strategic step towards enhancing my writing career by engaging with a wide array of people and experiences.

Unexpectedly, this venture opened doors to the modeling industry, which I embraced post-graduation. Modeling was more than a career; it was a strategic choice to broaden my network and deepen my life experiences, key ingredients for a writer’s palette. However, my core ambition always remained clear – to become a distinguished writer.

Despite my humanities background, I’ve always harbored a deep affinity for science, appreciating its pursuit of universal truths and concrete principles. This love for science, coupled with my narrative studies, has given me a unique perspective in my writing endeavors.

As I transitioned from modeling, I fully embraced my calling as a writer, dedicating my life to writing, studying, translating, and content creation through blogging and vlogging. My lifestyle is a blend of creativity and exploration, whether it’s experimenting with tennis, new recipes, immersing in nature, discovering uncharted towns, traditional Japanese dance, or simply enjoying a book over coffee.

My life’s trajectory – from a curious student in Kagoshima to a full-time writer in Tokyo, and now in London – reflects my unwavering commitment to personal growth, cultural exploration, and the art of storytelling.