Welcome to my website. My name is Lina.

Nationality: Japanese
Date of Birth: 1st of July (My Amazon Wish List)
Academic Background: Waseda University(BA)

I am a writer and translator based in Tokyo. I am a freelancer and have been doing this for more than 4 years after I graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo. In here, I would like to have you know a little bit about my life.

I have been living in Tokyo for more than 8 years now, but I am originally from Kagoshima, in the south of Japan. For college I moved to Tokyo and I studied literature and history. While I was in college, I travelled around the world by myself when I was 19 and visited 13 countries over the course of 125 days.

In my last year of college, I participated in beauty pageants, which led me into the modelling world. After graduating, I have been modelling for a while. I have never thought about becoming a model, it was just pure coincidence.

However, I quit full-time model soon after. Just so you know, there are girls who devote their lives to becoming famous models, which is too competitive, and I didn’t have the motivation to join the fray. I became a model because I wanted to have time to study more after college, so I thought becoming a freelance model was good, but it was not for me.

Now I am studying genetics and molecule biology, which is extremely exciting. I love science, I always have. Considering I studied literature and history, it is very different. I chose to study these at college because I passed the entrance exam of humanity course, which I thought really exciting because I love period pieces a lot. It is, and it was, but it also became frustrating because these subjects are the ones that we cannot expect a solid answer.

Then, since I was studying ancient history and anthropology, I looked for what geneticists are doing, looking into mitochondrial DNA and Y chromosomes, which show us the ancient history that historical records do not tell us. It was when I was fell in love with biology. Kinda late, since it was my final year of college. But it is never late to start studying something new, right?

Writing, studying, translating, blogging, cooking, going into nature a little bit… This is my life right now.

If you have some question, ask me on my Instagram or Twitter!

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